From another perspective

I actually started to write this blog post before the whole Corona and quarantine situation startet. However I think it still kinda fits to the whole topic, it’s maybe more important than ever to view certain things from another perspective. We definitely need to start seeing the positive in a situation that is not positive at all. I don’t want to rumble to much about the whole topic, because I’m not a doctor and these are the kind of people you should listen to right now. But it’s so important that we know: we are all in this together, we are ALL kind of in the same situation and definitely need to do our part to help. So please guys say home and stay safe! 


Sometimes it’s better to view certain situations from another perspective or another point of view. Also the same comes with pictures. Sometimes the change of perspectives can lead to a more creative view. It can change the whole look of something. If you’re creativity is leaking maybe try out another perspective. Something you wouldn’t normally do to get another view on the situation and to get some new inspiration.  This is actually what we tried with these pictures. We wanted something different, something more edgy and cool. 

And I have to say that I really like how these pictures turned out. They’re different in a positive way. Different doesn’t always have to be bad or negative. Different can change something. Something small or even something big. You don’t need to have the same opinion or the same taste as everybody else. These picture are probably also not really everybody’s taste because the perspective is different and they’re all about light and shadow. 

The pictures are taken and edited by my amazing and talented friend Jennifer Henze, you can see more of her work on her website and her Instagram page: @jenniferhenze!

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