Normandie ’19

Claude Monet Garden

As I’m basically sitting on my laptop or at work aka home office (thanks to Covid-19) every single day, I’m really starting to miss traveling. I’ve also noticed that I haven’t shared our Normandie vacation last summer with you. So here we go: 

We actually did another little road trip to France, with one night in the Netherlands. Our first stop was Boulogne-sur-Mer. Sadly the weather wasn’t the best and we were only staying there for one night, so I wasn’t really impressed of this city. Maybe it’s prettier by sunshine. 


Our main stop of the trip was Trouville. A lovely little town in the Normandie. Both cities are directly located at the seaside. However I have to say that I liked Trouville a lot more, it has such a cute charm to it and a lot of lovely villas directly located at the seaside. So it’s perfect to take a stroll at the beach. Also the town itself is lovely, it’s perfect to just walk around, enjoy the little shops in all the cute little streets and just stroll around. You can also walk to Deauville quite fast, where some really cute restaurants are located. We actually found a yummy Italian restaurant there. It’s definitely not a big town but perfect for a relaxing holiday. 

And our hotel was actually to die for! You can see the restaurant in one of the last pictures. I really love hotels that are all about the design, it’s like spending your holidays at a real life Pinterest board. The hotel was called Cures Marines Trouville Hôtel Thalasso & Spa, for those of you who are as curious as me. Also the best thing was the hotel was directly at the beach! So we could walk outside every evening and enjoy the sunset at the beach! Literally goals for me! However you have to keep in mind that you have high and low tides there. But you can still easily walk to the water even when the tide is low. 

Claude Monet Garden

When you’re traveling to the Normandie I highly recommend to visit the Claude Monet Garden. The Garden was absolutely stunning and if you know some of his paintings you definitely recognize the places in the Garden. However you need some time (or come really early!) because it can get quite crowded. We waited nearly an hour to even get inside. 

Have you ever been to the Normandie and which places can you recommend there? I have to admit that I liked the south of France a lot more. However it was also really nice to see a lot more of France and also a different side of the country. 

Sunset in Trouville
Summer at the Normandie

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    • by Jeany
      15/05/2020 / 9:55

      That sounds absolutely amazing! Sadly we haven’t done a tour, but I would love to. <3

    • by Jeany
      15/05/2020 / 9:55

      Thank you! It’s definitely worth visiting!

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