Spring/Summer Trends 2014

So this is actually my trend guide for Spring and Summer 2014. I definitely don’t mention every trend. I’ve tried to make a summary of my favorite spring and summer trends. These are trends I’ve often seen in magazines, on lookbook.nu or on the streets.

  • All Day Sportswear: Fits perfectly to the sports trend, everybody wants to be in form and healthy. So know you can wear your sport clothes everywhere. But I think it’s better if you just use one sporty piece for your outfit and combine it with a pair of jeans and flat shoes. So it looks sporty but not like you’re on your way to the gym.
  • Artwork on Clothes: Definitely an attention getter! Perfect for everybody who wants to attract attention. But if you don’t want to attract too much attention, you should just wear one piece of clothes that looks like an artwork and combine it with some simple pieces.
  •  High Metal: Often seen on runways and I think perfect for parties and to go out.
  •  Cropped Tops: Definitely more a summer than a spring trend. Perfect for hot temperature.
  • Transparency: Often seen in shops and on runways. Perfect trend for summer and I love it! It can be combined with every other trend this summer and is also an eye-catcher. It can be worn in very different ways. I think it also looks interesting cause you can see something which is normally hidden.
  •  White: The all white look is also a big trend! I think you can combine this trend with the transparent trend. Also I think it’s one of the most popular trends this session. You can see this trend everywhere, on the runways, in the city, in magazines and also very often on lookbook.nu. And it’s so easy to style. Moreover I think a white jeans is a must have in every closet, I’m currently looking for the perfect one.
  • Black: Also seen very often in magazines, on runway, on lookbook.nu and also in the city. It’s the totally opposite to the all white look, and I think you have to make sure that you don’t look like you want to go to a funeral.
  • Black & White: A big trend this spring/summer. Also it’s timeless and can be worn for every occasion.
  • Flower Print: I think it’s in vogue every spring, cause it looks like spring. And you can pimp up your whole outfit with one flower print garment.
  • Pastel: One of my all favorites for spring. I think all the pastel colors look so fresh and really like spring. Thumps up for this trend. Totally in love.
  • Statement Jewelry: I think it grades up every outfit. And personally I’m a big fan of a necklace. Cause a big one can grade up a simple outfit so much! Perfect for days where you just want to be comfy but also a bit chic.
  • Sunglasses as Eye-Catcher: MUST-HAVE! You can see it everywhere. On runways, on blogs and in shops. I think you can get cheap ones and also expensive ones.
  • Flats: Perfect for running around all day. My favorite flat shoes are white, definitely the trend color this year. And I have to admit that I see everybody wearing white flat shoes.
  • Jumpsuits: For me it’s definitely the trend piece this session. I’ve seen it in every color and in every material. It can be combined chic or sporty and be worn for every occasion. Love it! Still searching for the perfect white jumpsuit.

My favorite summer trends are definitely the pastel colors and also the transparent. Both looks so fresh and I don’t see it that often in the city. So you’re really an eye-catcher if you wear all pastel or some transparent pieces.
What’s your favorite trend for spring/ summer 2014?


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