Copenhagen Travel Diary

Copenhagen Travel Diary on

Day 1. – How to get to Copenhagen

The day started quite early for us because we decided to go to Copenhagen by train. However flying would probably be the easier way, traveling by train was definitely the cheaper alternative. So if you want to travel to Copenhagen and want to save some money make sure to check train and airplane. When you live near Hamburg traveling by train is for sure the best alternative if you ask me.
We had to get up at 3:30 am. So you can guess how tired we’ve been after sleeping for 2 to 3 hours. The train to Hamburg was completely fine and in time. However directly after Hamburg our train was delayed. I guess we also took a ferry later than planed and arrived in Copenhagen later than planed. So if you’re traveling by train don’t make any appointments directly after arriving because we heard that the train is nearly always late.

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Copenhagen Fashion Week SS19

The main reason we’ve been to Copenhagen was the Copenhagen Fashion Week SS19. On the first day we had some events together with On Time PR. The first event we went to was at the Vagabond Store. It’s such a cute little shop and the new AW collection from Vagabond is just lovely. We could also pick our favorite pair and I choose some simple black boots. Such a classic pair everyone should have in their AW wardrobe if you ask me. The next stop where at the Bestseller Showroom, where we saw the new collection of Selected Femme. The last stop of the day was at the Rack Buddy store. Their interior stuff is really lovely.
The next two days where packed with shows. The first show we attended was MUF10. Such a clean collection. You can see my favorite look below. Next up were the Morton Ussing show, which was really feminine and elegant. The Elaine Hersby show was also really amazing. I spotted a lot of of ruffles and bright colors like red and purple. The last show we attended was the Halo Show, with a lot of sports wear. And let me tell you the start was so freaking cool, if you haven’t seen it on my insta story definitely check my story highlight ‚CPHFW‘. However our last fashion week event was the MUF10 Aftershow Party. Which was also kind of fun and we’ve also met some nice people there. But the whole party were crashed by a thunderstorm so we went back to our apartment quite early.
Also what I really loved about Copenhagen Fashion Week were the free drinks everywhere and I’m not talking about alcoholic stuff. At one show we even had lunch for free. I’ve also really loved the whole vibe and how fashion was the most important part about everything. At Berlin Fashion Week it’s sometimes more about who’s there and not about how amazing the new collections are, which is kind of sad. So all in all Copenhagen Fashion Week was an amazing experience and I really hope to go there next season as well.

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What to do in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is such a beautiful city on its own. Just walking through the streets is an experience by itself. Especially in the evening at summer time. But there were also some amazing spots and places we visited. First on the list is a lovely museum called Glyptoteket. The architecture of the museum is amazing and I already posted a tone of pictures on Instagram (@vogueetvoyage), which we took their. Also I really liked the exhibition about french art. The museum also has a super cute coffee at the conservatory and a roof top terrace from where you can overlook Copenhagen. The next place you have to visit is a more obvious one: Nyhan. I think I don’t have to say a lot more, make sure to stop by and look at all the colorful houses there. Another really photogenic spot is Superkilen. It’s a little park designed by art groups. So it’s definitely worth a visit. Also we heard that there are no bad cafes or restaurants in Copenhagen. And one of my favs was definitely ‚The Union Kitchen‘. You have to go there for the best and the most Instagramable Coffee ever. I mean look at the picture below, how cool does the Cappuccino look?! And we also had some waffles which were amazing as well.

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Day 4. – The way back home.

All in all I have to say that I totally fell in love with Copenhagen and the whole vibe of the city. If you ever have the chance to visit Copenhagen make sure to do so! And if you already been there let me know what you think about the city. I’m curious to know!
But before ending this blog post I have to tell you about our way back home. Which was let me say kind of difficult because of the thunderstorm the night before. First they said that the train could not get onto the ferry, which as thankfully a wrong information. 10 minutes before we arrived at the ferry, they finally told us that we could say in the train and don’t have to walk 15 minutes to get to the ferry like planed. So everything was fine until Hamburg. I’ve never seen so many people at the train station in Hamburg before. Our train was the first one that was driving to the south of Germany that day. And we took a train at late afternoon, so you can imagine how many people wanted to take this train. All the trains before got canceled. I still have no idea how we managed to get into the train and we even got seats. Like seriously how much luck can you have?! However half an hour before Hanover the train stopped because people where running on the rails. So we literally stand in the nowhere for an hour. But all the other people on the train were so nice. We had some funny conversations and so the hour waiting gone by really fast. ‚Cause the train was late I had to take a later one home, which didn’t drive until my hometown because of the thunderstorm. So my mum had to pick me up from a village near Hanover and drive me home. (Thanks mum! Love you lots.)
We left the apartment we were staying in Copenhagen at 9 a.m., ate some lunch and drove to the main station and I was finally home that day at 11 p.m. Definitely a long journey home but I actually made a new friend at the train station in Hanover because I took a train later so I guess it was worth it.

Copenhagen Travel Diary on https://vogueetvoyage.comCopenhagen Travel Diary on https://vogueetvoyage.comCopenhagen Travel Diary on
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