Five Years – Make every second count

Five Years. Can you imagine doing something for so long already? I actually took my blog offline for the past months but reopened it like a week ago. To many memories, to many posts and pictures and of course all the lovely comments from you guys! I actually don’t wanted to lose anything of it. However I’ve just realized that this baby just turned five today. Five years ago I published my first blogpost ever.

I’m still not quite sure if I’m going to publish blogposts on here regularly again. But for me it’s still like a litte diary. It all started as a travel and fashion diary. And I’m definitely going to keep this up. Just not on the regular basis. I still haven’t shared with you pictures from a Roadtrip I did in 2017. So I’m going to upload this probably later. Just as a little Throwback because guess what we’re already planning another Roadtrip through France this summer.

But this blogpost is all about the last five years, about my favorite moments:

2014 – The Beginning of something new

Everything started with a little ‚Welcome‘ post on the 26th of March in 2014. My best friend and I where in Paris just before I created this blog. So all the first posts are about Paris. Even the name of my blog is inspired by the city. Down below you can also see my first header picture. Long time before I had a logo for my blog. I’ve also travel to Madeira that year. Such an amazing and unique isle! It’s the isle of flowers and I highly recommend going there!

2015 – Let the journey continue

In 2015 I started to improve the quality of my pictures a lot and invested in a new camera and lens. Also I turned 20. This literally fells like ages ago. Travel vise I’ve been to the Baltic Sea and Lake Garda.

2016 – A lot of changes and a breakup

2016 was an intense year. Not only blogging vise but also on a personal basis. The breakup from my boyfriend in March was definitely tough. But there were also so many amazing experiences and I grow so much as a person in 2016. A year of changes and new beginnings.

Also I finally checked one thing of my bucket list: NEW YORK CITY! I wanted to go to NYC since I was a little girl and I still remember how excited I was to finally be able to travel to the city of my dreams in September. I’ve also been to Berlin Fashion Week for the first time in January and went again in Summer. That year I’ve also been to the Hashmag Blogger Awards in May and went to the FashionBloggerCafé shoedition in August. Other than that I’ve also been to London. So I was on the go nearly all the time.

2017 – We’ll always have Paris

My favorite city will probably always be Paris. I don’t know why but it’s my favorite place to travel to. It’s the place that inspires me the most. However the year started again with the Berlin Fashion Week. And then the trip to Paris in May. In September I’ve been to my first festival. The Lollapalooza in Berlin and went on a Roadtrip (Strasbourg – Bienne – Cannes – St. Tropez – Nice – Milan) afterwards. Roadtrips are my absolut fav. So there are definitely many more Roadtrips planed in the future.

2018 – the end?

The year started again with the Fashion Week in Berlin. I’ve also cut my hair, which was a big step for me. However my highlight of the year was definitely the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Such an amazing experience and so different to all the Berlin Fashion Weeks. I actually hope that I have the chance to go to Copenhagen Fashion Week again some day. Other than that I literally worked all summer. And in October I decided to closed my blog after a hacking attack.

I actually thought that 2018 was my last year of blogging. I can’t really identify with the blogging scene you manly see on Instagram and it felt like a relief to close this blog at the beginning. No more prejudice! But you know what?! This is my little place here on the internet. This is my world. This is my life. I still love blogging. Yes, I’m not the typical blogging girl. I don’t want to do this for living. But I love to share a little bit of my creativity, of my world, here on the blog.

So I can’t wait to see what the upcoming years have in stock for me. To many more amazing years and thank you all so much for reading. Love you lots!

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