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This post is kind of a little throwback. Not only to long hair but also to more than a one year ago, when I did a fun Roadtrip through Germany, France, Swiss and Italy with my mum. Even though the trip is one year ago I still wanted to share all the lovely pictures and places with you. Btw. you can see the route we drove at the picture above. And also let me know if you love Roadtrips as much as I do!

Strasbourg & Bienne

Hello Road. Our first stop of the trip was Strasbourg. Where we spent the day, eat some lunch and than continue driving to Bienne, where we spent the night. It’s such a lovely and calm place, like you can see in the second picture. I also have to say that I really loved Strasbourg. Such a cute city! We haven’t seen a lot, but the city center was lovely! So if you haven’t been to Strasbourg yet, it’s definitely worth a visit.


Dear Cannes, I absolutely fell in love with you. Cannes was our main destination of the trip and it really was love at first sight. It was definitely not my last visit there! I expected Cannes to be a lot bigger, but you can walk everywhere which as super lovely. Also the whole surrounding was beautiful! You can see some pictures of the City above! And also I have to say that the Hotel (Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic) we stayed in was an absolut dream. The view from our Balcony was just insane, however I have to say that some of the staff were super unfriendly, which was kind of sad.

Port Grimaud & Saint Tropez

A day trip to Saint Tropez. I actually had to admit that I expected the city to be a lot prettier. However it’s perfect for shopping if you love (and have enough money) to shop at Prada, Chanel and so on. As a student I obviously don’t have enough money for that so I was kind of disappointed about the whole city.

On our way to Saint Tropez we made a little stop at Port Grimaud and I absolutely felt in love with it! I never been to Venice but I expect it to look a look a little bit like Port Grimaud!

Nice & Milan

On our way back we stopped in Nice for Lunch and to walk around a little bit. Especially around the old town of Nice, which was really lovely. But I have to say that liked Cannes a lot more!

The last stop at our road trip was Milan. Milan was on my travel bucket list for so long now so you can guess how happy I was that we decided to stop there as well and spent one night there. We just did the typical touristic stuff like visiting the Duomo di Milano and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. However I would love to travel to Milan again to see a bit more of the city. Have you ever been there?

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